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All of the sites below use the Coinpot cryptocurrency microwallet. You will need to register at and all of your claims will accumulate at this wallet. You can then exchange them into one currency or withdraw them individually. The Moon faucets allow you to claim an amount of each coin based on a timer that gradually lets you claim more as time passes and resets when you make a claim. I find that claiming every hour is the most efficient. Be sure and make a claim at least daily to take advantage of the loyalty bonus which allows you to increase your claim up to 100%. There is also a referral bonus as well as a random bonus to help boost your earnings. Be aware that the first time you try to claim these sites, they will produce a "pop under" and reload the site. Advertising is how these sites profit. It is not so bad once you understand how it works. Just close the window and claim again.

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Faucethub Faucets
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CoinpotRegister Here First

You will need to register to claim and withdraw. Faucet Hub has a great community and thousands of faucets. Get rain from the chat. If you want to build your own faucet, this is the place to start. There are many poor quality faucets on faucet hub but these sites are clean and reputable with a larger payout. Only the best make my list.

LTC Faucethubs Ł
Zeta Bitco 3343 30
Best Bitcoin 2804 5
Green Faucet 2237 5
Crypto Faucets 1856 7
Mr LTC 2415 0
Queen Faucet 2233 3
Viva Coins 1264 10
Claim LTC 1861 5
Free 4 Claim 1800 5
Dead Sats 2000 0
Free Bit King 1300 0
LTC Faucethubs Ł
Claimcoin 24 3700 3
Multicoin Faucet 1862 5
Bitcoin Club 1864 5
Faucet 4 Claim 1800 5
Stephen LTC 1300 0
Bitco World 1862 30
Coin Claimer 1862 30
Crypto Faucets .NET 1865 30
Crypto Faucets .ORG 1861 30
Faucet Hub Pro 1872 30

Please notify me of inaccurate information or empty/non-working faucets. If you would like your faucet added also. Email:

Bookmark a List!

Cumulatively claim from these faucets and your will earn a decent stack of bitcoin. Some reward you with more coins for claiming every day. Make a bookmark folder and run through these at least twice a day to ensure you get your loyalty bonus. This list only includes reputable faucets with the highest payouts. Claim when you wake up and before you go to sleep so that if you forget one you still get to keep your loyalty bonus.


Need a host for your own faucet or any other website? Coinhost accepts cryptocurrency and has a great price.

Top Faucet Pick


Cointiply has my vote for top faucet. You are paid out in coins which are equal to 0.0001 USD (100 coins per cent). Their offer wall has manys options for surveys that actually pay out. Most surveys are about 2000 - 3000 coins. I recommend Tap Research. You can also watch videos, CPU mine, play games, and there is a mining game that you can invest in to earn. Use all of these earning methods simultaneously and you'll make a decent earning. Browse this site thouroughly, it is worth it. Hishest paying faucet I have found. Claim the faucet twice a day at least!

MellowAds Kickass Traffic

0.0001 BTC / day watching Videos + other earning methods

Lucky Games Moon Dash Clixcoin

Reward: 1200 satoshi every 15 minutes

Go to admin page and fill all required data!

Referral commission: 10% Reflink:

Yannik faucet Faucet

Bit Fun We Heart Bitcoin Yolo Dice